Recoup furniture for KeenEye and RytTrak

Digital Marketing Agencies in Sri Lanka

We had a blast, with I must say some backbreaking work making these desks. Apart from the actual esthetic pleasure of cool desks what really gets us going is that we were able to upcycle and make something with our hands. It is so cool to design something and then use or rather reuse material to create something useful and cool.

The whole concept was a great experience too as everyone at the office had a hand moving around the furniture and carrying things. And the founders led the work by doing the hardest. It jives with our motto which is to lead by example.

We had some cool experiences too as we did all the cutting out on the road. People slowed down and stared or the more adventurous asked us what we were doing. Lol.. The fact that we were doing it ourselves really fascinated people. Maybe they will try something on their own. We invited them in to see the final product. Let’s see if they stop by.

by Shaun Zelber -Founder and coCEO of KeenEye