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eReputation and Your Digital Footprint

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Companies and brands have a huge issue that they often don’t know how to deal with. Their online reputation.

How do you deal with a negative post? A review of an irate customer ? Worse yet how do you deal with a bad article? These things get picked up in social media and in Google search and CEOs, brand managers and managers freak out.

There are a number of strategies.

Head in the sand solution :

This consists of ignoring negative comments and just hoping that they will go away.

Defensive solution :
This is where the company tries and beat down the negative comments.

The reality is that these methods are both awful. People more and more look to reviews and ratings before buying. No where is this truer than in tourism. And it is understandable.. how do you know if the beautiful pictures you see on the other side of the world are real? How do you know if all the things that the B&B says they have is really the truth ? Well you do it by reading what past guests had to say. You look at the answers too.

We all understand that sometimes a business can have a bad day and thus a bad review. What often counts is how that bad review is handled. Not handled? Handled on the defensive? Or rather .. “So sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. Your opinion really counts to us so why not stop by again and try us again. We would love to fix the issue and offer you a free mail to say we are sorry !”

A bad post can become a positive.

But only if it is dealt with and dealt with as soon as possible.

Of course ereputation can go a lot further. Sometimes the review is an article in an online paper or a website that doesn’t really allow you to respond. In that case other techniques need to be used to offset the bad article.

RytTrak helps companies in Sri Lanka, France, Australia, Maldives and the USA to deal with just such issues. Talk to us if you want to see what we can do to help you.

by Shaun Zelber -Founder and coCEO of KeenEye