Les Globes de Cristal

The premier French-language cinema awards ceremony in France.

les globes de cristal

What we had to do

Globes de Cristal is a star-studded event that happens in Paris once a year. They recompense the best stars of French cinema both in the previous years’ movies and lifetime achievements.

Mehdi the CEO of GDC needed a full-service agency that could take care of the creation and maintenance of the website, voting modules as well as help with social media.

les globes de cristal

How we did it

RytTrak set up a multilingual team to help GDC build and maintain over several years their website and backend voting module.

We also set up a French-speaking social media team to handle all posts, graphics and email marketing 3 months before the event and 3 months after the event.

les globes de cristal